What industries use RCBearings?

Small heli bearings

A number of industries use RCBearings for their bearing needs. Listed below are some of these so you can see the variety and range of applications. Please note that these industries are not the only ones we provide bearings to.

Printer manufacturers

We have several small printer makers using our bearings for years. We were able to provide the consistent quality they needed for their complex and precise mechanisms.

Mail handling equipment

We were approached by a company that made paper and mail handling equipment for small companies. They had bee unable find a consistent, reliable source for the bearings they needed to maintain production. We worked out a deal to purchase bearings ahead of time and ship them just in time for their production schedules. This assures that they could plan for production and not have to worry that their supplier may or may not have the bearings they needed at that time. We supplied thousands of bearings in this manner.

Fishing reels

We were approached by a specialty reel manufacturer in Canada to see if we could supply bearings for their reels. The problem they were having was very inconsistent internal clearance leading to variable performance. This is unacceptable for high cost precision products! We worked with them to find the desired internal clearance and partnered with one of our long time suppliers to make these bearings for them. We stock their bearings in our warehouse and ship them as needed to support

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Needless to say, semiconductor manufacturing requires the highest precision in all phases of manufacturing. We have supplied tens of thousands of high precision bearings to several companies setting up manufacturing sites around the world.


RCBearings provides consistent. high quality bearings needed by many different industries. We are willing and able to work with you to solve supply and service challenges. And, as always, at the lowest possible cost.

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