YS 185 DZ Bearings

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YS 185 DZ Bearings

Front Bearing: R6ZZ 3/8 X 7/8 X .281 Bearing
Rear Bearing: 6202/W8 15 X 35 X 8 Bearing
Cam Bearing (if used): 695ZZ 5 X 13 X 4 Bearing


RCBearings Four Stroke engine bearings offer dependable, long lasting smoothness.  These usually have better performance than what came standard in your engine at a fraction of the cost of OEM bearings!

Just a note, there is no reason to remove the inner shield of the front bearing.  There is a .005 clearance between the shield and inner race which allows plenty of oil to get in there.


Contact us if you don't know which bearings you need or if you are looking for a kit we don't already have.

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