Over 30 years ago, RCBearings was started as Desert Sky Model Aviation in a corner of my garage in Phoenix, Arizona. It started like many other small businesses: to fill a need. At that time, there just weren’t any reliable sources for high quality, low cost bearings for our model engines other than ordering high priced OEM bearings from your local hobby shop. I thought I could do better than that so I research where these bearings came from and how I could get them for far less than the local bearing houses. Thus, a small business was formed!

A little known fact is that pretty much all hobby bearing suppliers get many of their bearings from the same suppliers. Some even buy bearings from distributors with no traceability to the manufacturer. We are a little different! We only buy from bearing manufacturers and authorized distributors (major brands). We go through a pretty extensive vetting process before they appear in our store. Three of our suppliers have been with us from the very beginning because they supply consistently superior quality and customer service. We are always looking for suppliers of some of the very hard to find bearings and recently added bearing sets for Supertigre S and K series as well as larger YS engines.

Please browse through our listings for many popular engines. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. We have over 65000 bearings in stock for quick delivery.

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