What is the difference between shielded and sealed bearings?

There are three main bearing enclosure types: Open (no enclosure), Shielded and Sealed.

Open bearings have no protection for the balls and races against dust and dirt. They are generally used in enclosed environments such as gear cases and axles with other seals. They are normally lubricated with a small amount of high-quality grease or the oil from the gear box.

Shielded bearings have metal shields either pressed into the outer race or held in by a snap ring and do not touch the inner race. These are best for places where you are not likely to encounter much dust and dirt, such as bicycle wheels and motors. They are normally lubricated with a small amount of high-quality light grease.


Sealed bearings have rubber seals pressed into the outer race and seal against the inner race. These are normaiil used where dust and dirt are expected or to retain fluids on one side. Seals can come in several types depending on the application. They are normally permanently lubed with a high-quality grease.


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What is the difference between bearing steel and stainless steel bearings?

Bearing steel, also known as AISI 52100 steel, is the main type used for ball bearings. It is easy to machine and hardens very well to the hardness (R62C+) needed for long life. It is considered a high carbon steel containing some chromium (about 1%). It has low corrosion resistance so should be used where there are no corrosives or moisture present.

The most common stainless steel used in commercial bearings is 440C. It is also a high carbon steel with much higher chromium content (around 18%). It has similar hardening characteristics to bearing steel but is normally limited to R60C hardness. It is also a magnetic steel where other types of stainless are not.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this FAQ or any other bearing questions.

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