Posted by Paul McIntosh on 7th Jul 2021

International shipping with UPS and using your UPS account

Hi folks.  If you are an international customer (NOT in USA) and want your shipment sent by UPS, be aware that UPS does the customs documentation and acts as the broker. This can delay shipment by anywhere from one to three days. UPS just stopped two shipments where we did not provide a commercial invoice.  A commercial invoice is not necessary for small shipments where all pertinent information is on our customs declaration.  Try to convince UPS of that!

Also, we cannot use your UPS account for shipping!  We do not have that capability in our shipping platform and the closest UPS facility is nearly 1 hour away. Using your UPS account also forces us to fill out the UPS form by hand which also takes time and can lead to mistakes.

Shipping by USPS International First Class is nearly as fast and a LOT less expensive.