How to save money searching for rc bearing kits!

We know that finding the right bearings for your engine, fishing reel or bicycle can be a time-consuming ordeal! Not only that, how do you know you are getting the beast deal? How do you know the bearings are suitable for your uses? Well, you landed on the right page! has been in the business of searching out the highest quality bearings at the lowest possible price for over 30 years. We are modelers and some of us have competed at the highest levels of our craft. We know what makes a great bearing!

We only buy directly from the manufacturers or certified vendors. We thoroughly vet all of our suppliers before we let their bearings go on our warehouse shelves so you don’t have to. Since we have our own warehouse and don’t have to pay for expensive graphics designers, we can keep out prices well below our competitors.

So, that takes care of the low price end. Finding what you need is a snap! We have a Brand, Size and Type search engine that simply guides you through the selection process and shows exactly what we have in stock currently. So far, we have set it up for the most common RC engine bearing sets. Give it a try at

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