Winterizing your engine

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Many of us in the colder climates will be putting our aircraft into storage for the winter.  One thing you need to consider is preparing your engine for storage so that you don't have a bucket of rusted bearings come spring!  I know. Why is a bearing seller shooting himself in the foot by reducing future sales?  We want you to get the maximum life out of your engines and reduce the hassle of getting ready for the flying season.

The best way to winterize your engine is to remove the backplate and glow plug and flood the engine with a good after-run oil.  Putting a couple of drops in the carb intake isn't good enough.  You need to displace all the old oil and combustion byproducts to be effective.

There is no need to spend a bunch of money on commercial oils sold at hobby shops unless you want to help keep them in business.  What I have found is plain old Air Tool oil works as well as any of them.    Air Tool oil has special corrosion inhibitors. The Air Tool oil is available at most places that sell compressors and air tools. The brand doesn't matter too much. Lowes and Home Depot are two good sources that are pretty much nationwide.

What to do in spring before flying?  Do the same thing with your engine but flush with clean fuel.  This removes the air tool oil and replaces it with the proper lubricant for running your engine.

25th Oct 2019 Paul McIntosh

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