Shameful practices

It is truly a shame that some sellers are trying to mislead buyers with deceptive wording in their ads.  Such wording as being sourced from USA dealers, trying to make you think you are getting a USA made bearing for a couple bucks. If you are paying less than $20-30 a bearing, it is not made in the USA.  Also, if you are getting a supposed SKF 6902 for under $30, it is a fake. Here is a link to an actual SKF authorized distributors ad for a standard 6902. Motion Industries 6902

Claiming that they have high speed bearings when everything in their ad demonstrates they are nothing more than a common bearing.  Our high speed bearings have a high speed retainer that comes from Japan and is the best polyamide retainer available.  Our high speed bearings were tested by Sam Rai, a respected RC pylon racer and he reported that our bearings gave between 300-600 more RPMS on Thunder Tiger 40 sport pylon engines using the same fuel and weather conditions.

I have supplied bearings to several model heli factory reps because our bearings outperformed what they could get anywhere else.

We have been in this business a long time. I have been flying model aircraft for over 55 years and rebuilding engines nearly as long. All of my suppliers are the manufacturers, not distributors. All of them go through an extensive vetting before their bearings are allowed to go on our shelves.  Some of these suppliers have worked with us for nearly 30 years. Some of the bearings we have are not available anywhere else because they are made to our specs.

So, next time you read their ads, ask yourself, do they really know what they are selling? We do!

30th Oct 2020 Paul McIntosh

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